About us

We believe that the main purpose of electronics is to deliver solutions that offer new possibilities and facilitate daily activities.


Our design method involves engagement and delivery of innovative projects tailored to the customers’ needs. We are distinguished by the combination of quick operation with high quality of service.






All projects are implemented in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard. Our customers can be confident that we meet international standards and requirements that govern the sector.



We are a team of specialized engineers. Reliable operation is the result of the full use of our potentials thanks to which we not only discover but also create the future.


Grinn are professionals and working with them guarantees quality. Thanks to their high competence and flexibility we jointly carried out the innovative project in the field of IoT. It is worth noticing that Grinn's team is great in communicating with people from different areas. It is extremely important in case of an international project. Combining these two elements allowed us to prepare a product responding to the user's needs - the one which makes their everyday tasks easier and gives new possibilities. Therefore, we know that Grinn is the best partner in designing innovative solutions
Tijmen Vos
Panasonic Cameramanager

The executed project fulfilled our expectations for 100%, not only in terms of functionality but also in working with state of the art technology. Grinn specialists developed the solution that suited us best. The team's engagement and promptness also brings positive effects. On the basis of our experience we can definitely recommend Grinn!..
Managing Director

It is worth emphasizing that the project carried out by Grinn fulfilled our expectations in every respect. The most important thing is that: Grinn is a stable partner in cooperation. For that reason we can honestly recommend using services provided..
Hi-P Poland
Business Development Manager

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