Hi-P International Limited

Hi-P International Limited is a global provider of electromechanical solutions; its dynamic growth ensured entry in Singapore Exchange. The problem that Hi-P had to face was connected to the fact that in the prepared design of electronics control module of the household appliance the quality and functionality were not in conformity with the customer’s expectations.

In order to fulfil the aim, meaning achieve the maximum intuitive functionality and the high quality of the device, we have analyzed the problem. Eventually, we have designed the entire solution from scratch. In our idea we included the customer’s functional description. In accordance with the description we chose technology and developed a cost optimization project. It was particularly important due to mass production of the device. Then, on the basis of prototypes we performed tests. At this stage, we managed to establish both advantages and disadvantages of the project; in the refreshed formula, disadvantages were eliminated. This led us to developing an innovative device. Thanks to that we managed to deliver a products which fully meets our customer’s expectations.

The final effect of our cooperation is not only developing the new concept but also a modern and functional device meeting the qualitative standards. The success of the execution is confirmed by the planned sale of 150,000 items per year.

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