Optics11 is a fast-growing company. It focuses its actions on technological developments and applications of the latest scientific discoveries. The problem which was encountered by Optics11 was the first-generation device which did not meet expectation of the company and the customers – both in terms of parameters and functionality. In relation to this problem, the key area of cooperating with Grinn was preparing a new solution, meaning a device which is easy to use, based on the unique combination of the latest technology.
We performed the project analysis, cost optimization, and we chose technology. Thanks to that, on the basis of project assumptions we designed schematics of the solution. Than, we designed a PCB, firmware of the device, and PC software which visualizes data in a simple and clear way. Thus, we delivered the complete working system. We designed it to be compatible with the sensor patented by the producer – Optics11. Important is the fact that we fit everything into a ready housing of the device. It is worth noticing that in this project using cutting-edge technology allowed creating a revolutionary device used in laboratories, which changed the way of performing tests and improved their quality.

Every single time our customers challenge us with enormous demands. However also this time we developed the entire solution from the idea to the final product. The effect of the international cooperation is the user-friendly device which provides great possibilities to be applied in nanotechnology. On the basis of the current version of the device the users can carry out complex tests and complicated research. In the course of our cooperation with Optics11 the idea regarding the new-generation device came up and we are now designing it.