Smart alarm clock

About Circa
Circa is a stand-alone device designed to help you sleep better, while offering less distractions. With every clock, a sleep-sensor is included. This way, Circa can be intelligent about waking you up and provide you with insights and actionable feedback that can actually help you with your sleeping habits. The main task for the company was to prepare the device that suits the needs of the customer.


How it works
Circa features a carefully designed audio system – Circa has DAB+, FM and Internet Radio inside. The device can connect to the smart home using Triggi. You can use the Triggi app on your phone to link Circa to more connected things. Going dark also means automatically shutting off Bluetooth and WiFi at night, when you don’t need it. For a fully soothing wake-up experience you can connect Circa with your connected lights.


Software and hardware
We’re making a product consisting of both hardware and software. While in software, you can fix bugs in updates, a physical product has to work perfectly once it has been delivered. We have been working iteratively to fix problems that arise and our goal is to continue to do so.


The solution
Our engineers have worked on designing th device, developing solutions schemes and writing the software that meets the project requirements. We pride ourselved in having skilled and experienced staff that consistently enabled us to exceed industry standards. We are confident that we’re able to tackle any issues that may arise.

Tech specification

Connectivity – wireless
• WiFi (802/11b/g/n)
• Bluetooth & Bluetooth Low Energy
• Ability to turn off at night

Audio – Amplifiers & Drivers
• 15 Watt class D stereo amplifier
• 2 speakers
• 1 Passive Bass Radiator

• Universal AC/DC power adapter
• Li-Ion Battery 3000 mAh