smart travelling

FastTrack Company is a Dutch start-up. They have created eTrack, the most complete baggage tracking solution available, which has won several awards.


Preparing concept of device and realizing elements from electronic area (PCB, selected technology and components, engineering research), embedded software and secure communication between the device and the cloud.


Solution (hardware and software)
eTrack is a device that tracks baggage while travelling. Users can track their baggage just by placing the eTrack inside. Thanks to this solution, travellers can relax during their journey without worrying about their baggage. Carriers can avoid unpleasant situations, dissatisfied customers and costs incurred due to claims for lost or damaged baggage.
How does it work? The position of baggage is determined using a unique combination of available technologies: GSM, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. During the flight, the device automatically switches to Flight Mode, via a unique patented switch. This switch makes sure eTrack sleeps during the flight, compliant with all Aviation regulations.



• Controlling eTrack is easy with the dedicated FastTrack app (IoS and Android)
• Travellers always know where their baggage is and are able to find it if it gets lost
• eTrack can be connected to the airline’s software, which allows for quick baggage locating
• The solution meets international standards
• The system informs you when your suitcase arrives at the airport, which allows you to accurately estimate the waiting time for baggage reclaim
• Battery life is long.

eTrack is the most comprehensive solution of this type available on the market. It combines the latest technology and is easy to use. This way, passengers can enjoy positive aspects of travel only, and air carriers can minimize unnecessary costs related to unpleasant situations. It is worth noting that eTrack has won two Accenture Innovation Awards. Moreover it has been developed in cooperation with KLM airlines and Air France.


The official market introduction is planned for the the first quarter of 2018.