The new product: liteSOM

liteSOM system on module (SOM) is a compact, comprehensive computer module designed for embedded systems. The module is based on a high quality i.MX 6 UltraLite processor from the ARM® Cortex®-A7 Core processor family.

The module has been suitably optimized to easily embed it into the designed device. Thanks to its scaled-down dimensions: 67.6mm x 26.5mm x 3mm and a SODIMM connector you can use it anywhere where the size of the final product matters. Another advantage is its replaceability, which in turn means easy maintenance and the ease of use for any application. Thanks to that you can find liteSOM utilized in a variety of configurations.

What is extremely important is that the transfer of highly demanding high-speed elements to the liteSOM module enables the design of complex devices based on standard, possibly double-layer, PCB circuits, which means lower cost of prototyping, production and shorter product launch cycle.

The module is suitable for applications that require high compaction and significant computing power. In addition, its low power consumption levels make it ideal for battery-powered devices. Also worth noting is that the module has all the necessary elements required for the installation of Linux or Brillo operating systems.

liteSOM, is a great basis to start your design and it is particularly suitable for a wide range of applications where value for money is relevant: IoT, HMI, industrial controllers, facility automation systems, intelligent devices. In addition, its wide operating temperature range -40°C to 85°C makes lite SOM ideal for industrial applications.