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The world’s first 4G/LTE security camera provides low-cost, high-quality remote monitoring, wherever you are.



"Grinn are professionals and working with them guarantees quality. Thanks to their high competence and flexibility we jointly carried out an innovative project in the field of IoT. It is worth noting that Grinn's team is great at communicating with people from different areas, which is extremely important in the case of an international project. Combining these two elements allowed us to prepare a product responding to the user's needs—one which makes their everyday tasks easier and gives new possibilities. Therefore, we know that Grinn is the best partner in designing innovative solutions."
— Tijmen Vos, Panasonic Cameramanager, CTO

More examples

From homes to hospitals, street lights to ski lopes, there's a growing range of IoT solutions powered by Grinn. Here are just some of them.

  • Woodsense
    Woodsense’s Woody is an intelligent moisture and temperature metering device specially designed for obtaining parameters of wood constructions. Moisture levels are critically important for timber construction lifespans, though usually the mitigation reaction time following an incident is quite slow, as often a problem is only detected once it’s too late.
  • Yoli
    An interactive educational block game for children with sound and tactical signals and a data collection component
  • Sonel
    Smart meters with an intuitive user interface guarantee safety and keep business running