Terms of Use of the Grinn Website

Purpose of the service

  • The purpose of the service is to promote the Grinn company. It is operated by Grinn Sp. z o.o. [limited liability company], ul. Strzegomska 140a, 54-429 Wrocław, NIP: 8992730302, Regon 020047322, KRS 0000230049
  • Company details are available in the Contact tab.
  • The fact of using Grinn website is equivalent to giving consent of a User for following legal conditions specified below.


  • All content provided on the service as well as its graphic and software solutions are owned by Grinn.
  • You may cite information published on the service provided that the source is indicated to the extent permitted by law and citation practices.
  • Distribution of website content is forbidden without prior consent of Grinn.
  • You may not frame to any other pages of the service. You may not also put a link to any other pages of service on sites or near links to sites which violate the law or best practices.

Trademarks and names of companies

  • Trademarks of Grinn which are used on the website are owned by Grinn Sp. z o.o.
  • Trademarks, logo, registered names etc. of third parties are published on the service solely for identification purposes and constitute the industrial property of these parties.

Legal nature of information

  • Information provided on the website does not constitute a binding offer or its part and may not be regarded by counterparties of Grinn as information submitted in relation to any contract.
  • Grinn shall not be responsible for user’s action taken on the basis of information obtained from the service. In particular, Grinn is not responsible for full update, completion or unambiguity of information contained.

Website availability and modifications

  • Grinn may modify the service at any time and at its sole discretion. Grinn shall not be liable to a User for changes on the service or ceasing to operate it.
  • Grinn shall not be liable to a User for the unavailability of the service.
  • In order to use some functionalities of the site, a User may be required to provide information. In such case, a User shall provide basic personal information, an address and a telephone number. That is tantamount to giving consent to store and process this data. Grinn shall keep data confidential and provides possibility to correct and remove it.


  • A User uses the service on his own responsibility. In particular, Grinn shall not be responsible for damages to computer system or loss of data that result from using the service.
  • Grinn conducts statistics and analysis of visits to the service.
  • Grinn shall not be responsible for damages resulting from downloading or using a file and software that is made available to download directly from the service.