Embedded Software Development

Our modern software technologies, tool sets, and best practices—such as comprehensive testing and continuous integration—have been tested over a number of years and countless projects. We are experts in design documentation, outlining specifications and then engaging in prototyping. We explore off-the-shelf tools and technologies to save time and money and specialize in design implementation and validation, unit testing, system testing, and integration.

We leverage C/C++, Python, Shell, QML, Assembler, Lua and other technologies that suit the needs of our customers, mixing software and hardware expertise to design reliable and efficient systems.


Firmware development

•          Microcontrollers: ARM Cortex-M0/M0+/M1/M3/M4/M33, PIC8/16/32, AVR, MSP430, ESP32

•          Application processors: Cortex-A5/A7/A8/A9/A32/A53/A72, Cortex-M7, ARM9, ARM11

•          experience with following processor manufacturer TI, NXP, STMicroelectronics, Nordic, Espresiff, Microchip, Infineon, Cypress

•          language included C/C++/Python/Lua/QML/JavaScript/Go

•          with OS

•          bare metal

•          commonly used in projects:

•          active contributors to: Linux, Barebox, U-Boot, Buildroot

•          documentation: Sphinx, Doxygen, Latex

•          other development tools used: Docker, Node.js, Node-RED, Kibana, MongoDB, Python3



•          Xilinx

•          Altera

•          HDL: VHDL, Verilog

•          Interfaces: AXI-3, AXI-4, Wishbone, Avalon, PCIe 3.0, USB 3.1, 1G ETH, HDMI

•          Soft CPU: Microblaze, Picoblaze, Nios II

•          Solutions: Highly Parallel Data Acquisition and Pre-processing, DSP

•          Toolset: Vivado (Xilinx), Quartus (Altera)

Examples of use

Sleep matters. Smart alarm clocks, which wake you up naturally and promote healthier sleep cycles, are increasingly popular. Circa—developed by Grinn—really is the alarm clock of your dreams.
Silo spider
The latest smart radar technology for agro-business, utilizing high-quality IoT solutions for better stock control and healthier farms.
Advanced module technology for production cost optimization


Grinn has made it possible to create Circa—a gorgeous smart alarm that helps you to improve sleeping habits by removing distractions. It's an amazing solution for tomorrow's world. Circa embodies a range of smart features; the device helps us sleep better, so we can finally get rid of the mobile phone next to the bed.
— Hans Brouwer, Circa, Founder
Grinn are professionals and working with them guarantees quality. Thanks to their high competence and flexibility we jointly carried out an innovative project in the field of IoT. It is worth noting that Grinn's team is great at communicating with people from different areas, which is extremely important in the case of an international project. Combining these two elements allowed us to prepare a product responding to the user's needs—one which makes their everyday tasks easier and gives new possibilities. Therefore, we know that Grinn is the best partner in designing innovative solutions.
— Tijmen Vos, Panasonic Cameramanager, CTO
The executed project fulfilled our expectations 100%, not only in terms of functionality but also in working with state of the art technology. Grinn specialists developed the solution that suited us best. The team's engagement and promptness also brings positive effects. On the basis of our experience, we can definitely recommend Grinn.
— Niek Rijnveld, Optics11, Managing Director
Versa, which combines the latest technology and is easy to use, is the most complete baggage tracking solution available. Cooperation with Grinn specialists helped us create a product that not only meets user’s requirements, but also meets strict European aviation regulations. To achieve this we’ve created a unique patented auto-flight mode.
— Jimmy Wind, Versa, CEO
It is worth emphasizing that the project carried out by Grinn fulfilled our expectations in every respect. The most important thing is that Grinn is a stable partner in cooperation. For that reason we can honestly recommend using their services.
— Dariusz Zawirski, Hi-P Poland, Business Development Manager


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