They invited their friends to Grinn and this is what happened

They invited their friends to Grinn and this is what happened

They invited their friends to Grinn and this is what happened


We often say that working at Grinn is fun; we emphasize the special friendly atmosphere in the company, our traditions, and joint holidays. However, the best indicator for us is when our employees are happy to recommend our company to their job-seeking friends. We can’t help but boast that three friends were brought onboard on the recommendation of the fourth! Here is their story.

Hi Kacper, how long have you been working at Grinn?

- For almost 2 years. With the guys, we worked together on one of our first jobs and became friends. We all changed jobs recently, but always remembered how well we worked together, and when I came to Grinn I realized that this is a place I can recommend. So, first I brought Kuba, then Agnieszka,  and she then brought Dawid.

In some companies, employees receive a bonus for recommending a candidate. As far as I know, there is no such bonus in Grinn. Why did you decide to recommend Grinn?

- Because I was happy with the workplace as a whole. Grinn actually has a very friendly, relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time there is a lot of work and interesting tasks; projects are changing, but things are always exciting.

Guys, a question for you. What exactly did Kacper tell you about Grinn?

- He talked about the team, about the after-work parties. He also talked about projects and the positive atmosphere at work.

Did everything turn out to be true?

- Yes, absolutely. When Kacper told me that the team leader actually helps the team solve issues, I didn’t really believe him. There are almost 40 people in that department, how could he even find time to help out? But it turned out that he really devotes a lot of time to help his employees, understands the issues and gives valuable advice, and this all happens immediately, as soon as a problem arises; you don’t have to wait weeks until he has a minute to see you. It's great. In general, there are many experienced specialists on the team from whom you can learn a lot. It’s evident that people here are passionate about their work.

Regarding the team as well, everything turned out to be true. Of course, it was easier for us to come to work on the first day because our friend was already there, but I quickly found a common language with the rest of the guys. Here, you don’t feel like a stranger when you show up on your first day. Everyone is very friendly, and you can tell it’s sincere.

Are you satisfied with your decision?

- Very. You wake up in the morning and you want to go to work. That’s a good sign.


We hope that there will be more such stories at Grinn, and if you want to become a part of the Grinn team, send your CV to



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