Grinn Announces Strategic Partnership with Nordic Semiconductor: A Global Leader in Wireless Communication Technology

Grinn Announces Strategic Partnership with Nordic Semiconductor: A Global Leader in Wireless Communication Technology

Grinn Announces Strategic Partnership with Nordic Semiconductor: A Global Leader in Wireless Communication Technology


Grinn partners with Nordic Semiconductor- a global leader in wireless communication technology. This is a strategic partnership, where Nordic’s wireless expertise will be used to deliver innovative solutions to Grinn’s customers.


Nordic Semiconductor, celebrated for its world-class ultra-low power wireless technology, including Bluetooth Low Energy, Thread, ANT+, Wi-Fi, Zigbee, and more, is a pioneer in IoT connectivity and a trusted name in industry as a global leader in low-power wireless solutions.


“This partnership is a pivotal milestone for us, a testament to our extensive experience with Nordic's products, and our ability to deliver high-quality IoT and embedded solutions. It's all about delivering value to our clients, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service and support for their technological needs.” – says Robert Otręba, CEO at Grinn.


During last 15 years Grinn has an impressive track record of using Nordic's technology to deliver innovative solutions, in some of the project using the Nordic’s products was crucial. For instance, in Siana project where we needed it to be very fast, super low power and with NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy or in our last project of smart jewelry where the small form factor was essential as well as low power and connectivity features. Grinn has implemented Nordic-based product across numerous industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, security and home appliances. This partnership opens up new horizons, allowing Grinn to utilize Nordic's wireless communication technology to create even more advanced and diverse IoT solutions tailored to their clients' unique needs.


“Partnering with a global leader in wireless communication technology shows us as a reliable company in the tech industry. This partnership signifies our commitment to staying ahead by employing the latest technology to deliver cutting-edge solutions to our clients. With our expertise and Nordic's innovations, we're ready to elevate our clients' projects to new heights.”- says Łukasz Gajda, CTO at Grinn.


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Grinn is now a Bluetooth® Special Interest Group member

Grinn is now a Bluetooth® SIG member, learn more about how you as a client will benefit from it. The Bluetooth® Special Interest Group is a community of innovators of Bluetooth® technology. Since Grinn actively uses Bluetooth® wireless technology in its projects, it is important for us to get the latest knowledge from the original source and apply it when developing new products.

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